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LuLit’s Hai​r Essence

All-Natural Hair Restoration Products

Hair Regrowth Products 

Made From 100% Natural Ingredients

LuLi t’s Hair Essence in Evansdale, Iowa has the products you need to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth. I only use 14 all-natural ingredients to ensure quality and safety. These include 11 different herbs with specific hair growth and repair properties. Here are the items in my hair care line that will leave your tresses soft and strong:

  • Rice Protein Mist
  • Sugar Scrub
  • LuLit's Hair oil
  • LuLit' Beard oil
  • LuLit's Beard Butter
  • Flaxseed Edge Focus Gel

My products also help those who are suffering from hair loss due to any of the following reasons:

        • Cancer
        • Alopecia
      • Eczema
      • Dry Scalp
      • And More!

Shop at my online store today. I guarantee that you’ll get the results you’re looking for!

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