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​​​​LuLit’s Hai​r Essence  

All Natural Products​​

LuLit's 4oz Beard & Skin Butter

LuLit's 4oz Beard & Skin Butter

LuLit's 4oz Beard Oil

LuLit's 4oz Beard Oil

LuLit's 8oz Hibiscus Goat Milk Shampoo {Moon} & LuLit's Hibiscus Deep Conditioner

LuLit's 8 oz Shampoo & Conditioner Set

LuLit's 4oz Hair  Growth Oil

LuLit's 4oz Hair Oil

LuLit's 8oz Hair Growth Oil 

LuLit's 8 oz Oil

LuLit's 4oz Sugar Exfoliating Scrub

LuLit's Sugar 4oz Exfoliating Scrub

LuLit's 2 oz. Flaxseed Edge focus soft gel

LuLit's 2oz Flaxseed Edge focus (soft gel )

LuLit's 16oz Rice Protein Mist 

w/ trigger sprayer 

LuLit's 16oz Rice Water Protein Mist

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