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LuLit’s Hai​r Essence LLC 

 Restoration Products

About the Company

Your hair is your crowning glory. It’s one of the first things people notice about you! Since it’s such an important part of your appearance, LuLit’s Hair Essence makes sure that you have healthy and beautiful hair.

You deserve to feel attractive and comfortable in your own hair despite certain conditions, so let my products do the work! Whether you want to cover problem areas due to (some) alopecia or regrowing your hair from cancer or to simply add volume to your locs, my hair care line is the solution. Explore my online store today. Although I’m based in Evansdale, Iowa, I serve customers from all locations.

With Love and Sincerity

My Story

I grew up in Greenwood Mississippi. After marrying my husband Lawrence Daniel and starting a family, I settled in Evansdale, Iowa, a place I call home. I am a fearless businessperson on the rise. Having grown up with three brothers, I quickly learned the secret of natural beauty. I always harbored the gift of hairstyling. Throughout my upbringing, many women would seek my services and advice from hairstyling to hair maintenance.

As a former College Administrator for Hawkeye Community College, I perfected my craft of engaging people, especially women. It was not until late 2018, when I discovered my true passion and purpose. While suffering a shoulder injury working as a Trust Administrator for ITM 21st, I found my talent for reaching out to women and men who were experiencing multiple challenges with their hair.

It is no secret that hair is a top priority for men and women. Many suffer from different types of hair and scalp diseases. As a caring person, I felt a desire to reach out to those who needed assistance, guidance, and confidence.

That’s why I introduced LuLi t’s Hair Essence. After self-educating, researching, and networking, LuLit’s Hair Essence was derived out of prayer, love and natural herbs. LuLit’s natural hair restoration products currently consist of: LuLit’s Sugar Exfoliating Scrub, LuLit’s Hair oil, LuLit’s Rice Water Protein mist and LuLit’s Flaxseed Edge focus gel.

LuLit's hair Essence products is currently treating (some)cancer patients regrow their hair and eyebrows, also treating (some)alopecia, eczema, hair thinning, and baldness. LuLit’s Hair Essence products are safe for everyone, men love the products on their beard and face, babies, young kids can also use any of LuLit's products. 

Since launching LuLit’s Hair Essence, I have received an outpour of love and support from my community, family, and friends. These natural hair products have been life changing for many and a personal journey for myself, who understood the importance of hair care and maintenance.

I will continue to perfect my line of hair restoration products and educate myself so that I may continuously help others. LuLit’s Hair Essence has proven to be a wonderful natural hair care line that will withstand the test of time!

LuLit’s Hair Essence was launched in July 2019. My products allow me to give back and help others who are dealing with hair loss. I want to give people hope and let them know that there’s ways to regrow their hair.

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